Fritz, a Space Elemental. Dark matter type.

Fritz, a Space Elemental. Dark matter type.

$115.00 — Sold out

Dark matter is theorized to be the most abundant form of matter in the galaxy. We’re pretty sure it exists, but we can’t actually see it. It’s invisible! The name dark matter invokes in my mind some kind of black ooze just kind of floats around in space. That was my inspiration for Fritz!
Fritz’s Features:
⭐ A thick, soft black and blue fur
⭐ Galaxy fleece skin with an ooze face sporting two black eyes
⭐ Two big fluffy ears
⭐ Two black horns (hidden in that fur somewhere!)
⭐ Galaxy flippers (space elementals have flippers to better swim through space)

Childlings are 10" tall not including their legs. Childlings sit up on their own.

All wildlings are made with faux fur, fleece, and cotton fabrics. They have safety eyes and are not recommended for small children. They are stuffed with a combination of polyfill and their own scraps and they also have pellets in the bum and hands.

Fritz, a Space Elemental. Dark matter type. Image 2
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