Frobert, the Frog Mage

Frobert, the Frog Mage

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Frobert is ready to find a new home! Will it be with you?!

Frobert is made from poly fleece, felt, and is stuffed with polyfill. He's pretty big, measuring in at a little under 21 inches with his hat and legs included. He's got pellets in his bum, which gives him a nice weight. He comes with his cape and plush staff.

Frobert's story:
When Frobert was a tadpole, he wanted nothing more than to leave the small pond he was born in to explore the stars. You and I both know that frogs don't travel to outer space often. However, blissfully unaware, when Frobert grew legs and hopped out of his pond he was on a mission. A mission to find magic. He had heard about it from the others who lived in the pond.

He learned from his elders of an old man that lived nearby that trained aspiring younglings in the ways of arcane arts. The old man and his apprentices would take frogs from the pond and turn them into magical things. Frobert found the magician's apprentice and followed the boy until the boy stopped and asked "What is it you want little frog? Why are you following me?".

Not able to answer in the Human tongue, Frobert hopped from side to side and up and over. He had his full attention. The boy thought deeply for a moment, he had recently learned a spell to communicate with the animal kingdom so he (after a few tries swishing around a reed from the pond) was able to cast his spell.

Frobert croaked with his new voice "I want to learn magic, like you!" The little boy laughed, and said "Ok little frog if that's what you want to do.". The little boy then picked up Frobert and brought him to his teacher. "Master Merlin, this frog wants to learn magic!" Merlin peered over his glasses "Oh really? What an interesting thing for a frog to want."

Amused, Merlin took Frobert, and asked "Why is it little frog, that you want to learn magic?" Frobert puffed up and announced, "Because I would like to travel the stars!" Merlin laughed, the boy laughed, Frobert was not laughing. Frobert insisted "Please teach me magic, so I can travel the stars!". Merlin nodded and said "Alright little frog, but I cannot teach you magic like this." He then transformed Frobert from a little frog into a big frog. A weird, anthropomorphic, happy as heck, frog.

Frobert was now wearing the stars, Frobert loved his new fit! Merlin then handed him a staff that he had just conjured, "Let's get started!"

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